Warranty conditions Protek

All PROTEK bikes and frames have the best commercial guarantee. Once the bike is registered, Protek provides the first purchaser with a guarantee that covers the vehicle against defects in materials and workmanship.

Frames that are found to be defective by the Protek Bikes under this warranty will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of the Protek Bikes, free of charge. In case of unavailability of the original product, the replacement will take place with a similar product of equivalent value.

The warranty period for a registered product from the time of purchase is:

– 5 years for Protek frame for the entire period of use by the first purchaser (see exceptions below).

– 1 year for all connection components of the rear suspension, rocker link and screws on full bikes, paint and decals.


– products of other companies mounted on Protek bicycles (see manufacturer’s warranty)
– products without proof of purchase (receipt or invoice)
– products not purchased from an authorized Protek dealer
– products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, deleted or made unreadable
– normal wear and tear (including fatigue)
– damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly (for example incorrect tightening torques), incorrect or insufficient maintenance, installation of components, parts or accessories not installed on the bicycle at the time of sale, by accidents, by blows, from corrosion, from the use of aggressive cleaners, from use with incompatible products, damage or breakdown due to accidents, misuse, abuse or neglect, from repairs not carried out correctly, and more generally everything that does not constitute a defect of materials or manufacturing
– products arrived at the natural end of the useful life cycle
– the effects of exposure to UV rays (discoloration, yellowing)
– the effects of the saline environment
– repainted products (even partially)
– commercially used products
– transport damage (Liability of the carrier. Should the packaging be visibly damaged, we recommend that you refuse delivery or accept delivery subject to control, describing visible damage in pen, this to avoid losing the right to compensation or replacement)
– aesthetic defects that were easily detected when the product was purchased
– the labor required for replacement

The warranty is not valid in any part in the event that changes are made to the frame, fork or other components. The warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item, which are therefore the only interventions covered by the warranty. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase.

This is the only conventional warranty in effect for the product you purchased, and any additional provision, extension or implied warranty is specifically excluded.

When a product is repaired or replaced under warranty free of charge, the repaired or replacement product remains covered by any remaining original warranty, not with renewal or extension of the warranty period.

Furthermore, when a product is replaced under warranty, the replaced product becomes property of the Protek Bikes.