About Us

Protek was born in 1998 in Loreto Aprutino, in the heart of Abruzzo, from the passion of its founder, Antonio Carota.

From a small artisan workshop, engaged in the production of light alloy frames, Protek has become, thanks also to the excellent results obtained by the well-established Team Protek, a company of excellence, making its brand known and appreciated nationally and internationally .


The company’s production strategy is a constant research in technological innovation with the care in the realization of a totally artisan product, both essential elements to obtain high-performance products at every level, from competitive to amateur. In fact, each production phase takes place in the modern factory in Loreto Aprutino and each frame is born from the hands and experience of our artisans, with the development of the best technologically advanced machinery.

Among the various international successes of the TEAM PROTEK we remember the recent victory of Tiago Ferreira in the European Marathon 2019, the victory always of Tiago in the World Marathon 2016. In 2012 Periklis Ilias, won the title of World Marathon Champion.

The inspiring principle of Protek is in fact a perfect fusion between innovation and tradition, strength and distinction compared to competitors. Thanks to the aesthetic research and cutting-edge materials, the product offered is a very high quality product, unique, inimitable, designed and built according to the needs and specific characteristics of each customer.



We have made the personalization of the product and of the service offered a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy: the customer is assisted by our staff with professionalism and availability in all pre and post sales phases, with the aim of guaranteeing a lasting relationship of trust. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are therefore our greatest success.


The core business of Protek has always been production through our qualified and specialized staff with over ten years of experience in high quality wrapped carbon frames. The Protek offer ranges from racing frames, MTB, cyclocross and thriatlon to complete bicycles, set up with the best components of the most successful international companies. Despite the fact that the product is positioned in the highest market segment, the prices, always competitive, guarantee the best quality / price ratio currently on the market.


From the design to the subsequent manufacture and finally sale of bicycles, Protek offers the maximum in attention to quality. Respecting the strict European safety regulations. All our products are tested both in our laboratories and directly on the competition fields, thanks to the collaboration of established champions and our teams. Double check to constantly redefine our protocols for a constant improvement of the quality and safety of our products.


Protek aims to expand the knowledge and identity of its brand, developing timely and targeted marketing strategies and implementing numerous international partnerships, which allow maximum dissemination and assistance on the territory.